Your Power of Being is the Answer

I’ve recently been having some thoughts on the the difference and similarities between Power vs. Force in the workplace.

Watch this training below to see my takes on these two seemingly opposite factors and how they can help being more power into your life.

Power of Being

I have been looking at having access to more power in my life especially in my business. That the things I want would come easily, with less resistance, and would be simple. I searched books and traditional ways of learning to get these answers with little success. It did make me a lot of money, with the cost of time and energy.

What if you could have it all? Furthermore, what if the answer wasn’t in a book? Perhaps it wasn’t even something you could learn? What if it had something to do with who your weren’t, and uncovering who you were?

A man once asked Michelangelo how he created the statue of David. “I saw David inside of the marble and chipped away everything that wasn’t him.” This is the access to true power. That the thing that keeps getting in the way of what you want is actually something not true about you and all that has to happen to be free of it is to have it chipped away.

Watch the video above to learn more about how your power of being is the answer!

Matt Poll Power of Being

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