You Are Taught to Be Poor

In the video below, I discuss how you are actually taught and bombarded with information that keeps you poor. As a result, it may seem almost impossible to overcome the lack of wealth.

What teaches you to be poor?

In a world full of different beliefs the one most of us have been taught is to be poor. furthermore, if you look at the school systems, you’ll see a pattern where we were taught to be poor and work in factories. To clarify, I don’t find it peculiar at all that many people who discovered riches struggled to comply to the traditional education systems.

What if your money situation was one that your were taught?
You did not even get to choose it.

In conclusion, I am offering some relief to have you get mindful around this topic that you could set yourself free of the belief.

To learn more about how
you are being taught to be poor,
watch the training above!

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