When It Comes to My Success and Failure, Who Is Responsible?

You may find yourself asking the question: when it comes to my success and failure, who is responsible?

Follow me on this training and see who is really the one responsible!

Success and Failure

matthew poll success and failure matt poll

When it comes to success and failure, it may not be easy to see what lies beneath your beliefs. Before we get started, I just want to say that nothing I’m relaying here is right or wrong. Furthermore, none of it is necessarily true.

I simply want you to see things differently in order to provide more power to your life. In addition, I’d like to describe some of the differences between success and failure.


matthew poll success and failure matt poll

Who is responsible for your success? Is it your parents? You might find that the common belief is that the important people in our lives are the ones truly responsible. Think about your own beliefs around this idea!

matthew poll success and failure matt poll

Of course, this evolves as we grow up. Many of us mutate this believe as we mature, always looking for the one in charge or the official who is taking credit. This could be government, our church leaders, bosses, or social group leaders.

matthew poll success and failure matt poll

Now look at this idea simply. How does life go for you when you assume others are in charge or taking the credit? As you do this, it should be easy to see how negative this mindset can be.


matthew poll success and failure matt poll

Failure is the other side of the coin when it comes to these ideas. It is often seen as ugly and containing unlikeable emotions and stories. So, who is responsible for your failures? This is something you have been brought to believe since you were young and developing.

matthew poll success and failure matt poll

Have you ever had someone sell something to you? Perhaps a business investment that went wrong or didn’t work out? This experience created pain and suffering. It also caused you to start living a certain, negative way. You may have even gone over it all again and again to make sure you were right.

matthew poll success and failure matt poll

Watch the video above to learn more about who is really responsible for you success and failure!

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