What Do You Really Want?

I think it is funny that we spend so much time chasing the next thing, doing our daily routines and most of us are not clear on what we want. If I asked, “do you have what you want written down somewhere?” Most people would not and when asked they wouldn’t even be clear on what to write down.

In this video we will look deep into what it is that you actually want.

Don’t go into this video with your already knowing about what you think you want. Start by first clearing out what you think you know about this topic that something new might arise from a place of creation.

How do you find out
what you really want?

Knowing what we want is in the first steps of getting it. If you are unclear of what you want how would you ever know to have it. How would you know what was wanted may have been there all along.

Where the answer to what is wanted resides and how there is not a person on the plant that has these deep wants and desires. Surprisingly, they have actually been there all along and your focus on the surface level things keep you from really have the daily experience of who you are and what you are about. I am very clear that they results you are looking for are also blocked or hidden by your superficial wants and desires. They often come from a place of Force where it takes much time, effort, and energy to create the outcome you desire. Being clear on your wants and who you are in them will give begin to attract the things that haven’t been showing up. This can be money, time, health, and/or relationships.

To learn more about find out what you really want, watch the training above!

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