Terrorism of Success

How could success be a terrorist in your life? Could it actually be the culprit for not succeeding? Maybe our obsession with it actually creates limitations for having it. Could it be that our unwillingness to experience failure would have us also experience a lack of success?

In this training I will be exploring and uncovering a inquiry process that has created the freedom in my life to have true success show up as a result of learning to love failure. To see success and failure in new lights to create broader and more powerful possibilities.

Success is a Color

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By far, one of my favorite colors in the rainbow of life is success. As a young kid, I received attention and praise when I succeeded. Others also like it, and it seemed to be a universal color everyone agreed was acceptable. We measure success in varying forms and you can see how there are higher and lower levels of succeeding.

Color of Failure

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Failure is a color in your life that can’t be avoided. It’s often a color we don’t like. Therefore, we hide from it and resist. Failure is something we have all decided is wrong, or bad. Try to remember the first time you failed. What was it all about? Who had you failed? We often think failure is a terrorist, which is why we often don’t succeed.

Success Terrorist

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Succeeding can actually be a terrorist in your life if it is all you are willing to accept. When your focus or attention is about winning, what strategies get created to have it? You might avoid failure, play small to ensure a win or avoid stretching/growing to ensure success.

To learn more about terrorism of success, watch the training above!

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