Are You In The Game: Part Three

The Game of Spirituality

So last, but definitely not least your spirituality and I could talk about this topic for hours. But before we do, I want to set this up. Spirituality is not a religious context.

It is influenced often by religion, but it’s not a religious context. Spirituality is performance. It actually is like, what’s the thing that actually propels your performance and all the other areas of your life. Because it’s all about what works, doesn’t it even in like when you go to a church, or you participate in some type of religious activity. The goal, at least my experience, with all the different exposures I’ve had in those places, the goal is to make you a better person. And to make you a better person helps magnifying having all the things show up in your life more powerfully.

So spirituality is really the avenue in which we get access to that. So whether that’s you going to church. Whether that’s you praying, reading certain books. Or having certain mentors, having having a certain routine, it really doesn’t matter. As long as it’s attracting performance into your life, that’s spirituality.

Avoiding Spirituality

Now you cannot avoid spirituality. Because it’s either you’re performing or not. Some of us have some really confusing ideas on what it looks like to be in the game. When it comes to your spirituality. Like, and I am guilty of this hardcore like way guilty of this from my past. Meaning like I thought I was in the game around being spiritual. And I wasn’t like it had nothing to do with that.

Being in the game is not an intellectual debate with yourself and others. So to be in a debate around like, oh, a big one is doctrine and dogma, like there’s a lot of spiritual contexts that are inside of organizations that we get in these debates with people in the groups with people not in the groups and it’s crazy. You can know that if you’re in a debate around your spirituality around the context, or the organization that you’ve enrolled in, that helps support your spirituality.

Are You NOT In The Game?

You can know you’re not in the game, around your spirituality in that moment. Because you’re debating, you’re not actually doing something about your spirituality, you’re defending your ideas, you’re defending your thoughts, you’re defending your actions. And so just imagine a player going up to a coach, right? Imagine the coach is like, Hey, you need to improve how you kick the ball. And they go and they debate it. Oh, no, no coach, I learned from England, that the way you kick the ball better this way, actually helps improve this.

But rather than just listening to your coach, maybe going out and trying a different and going, Oh my gosh, he’s right. If I kick the ball that way, I’m in this circumstance, it works better. And maybe in this circumstance, it doesn’t. But I mean, that’s literally what we’re talking about what spirituality it’d be like, having a debate and thinking that somehow this is going to make you a better person, or it’s going to increase your performance in life. It would have you actually be in the it would have you actually be in the game. I don’t know what that means.

Common Misconception Around Spirituality

So it’s common, it’s a common misconception that those who live the most rule oriented lifestyles are the most spiritual. And this is just a common misconception. Good rules are really structures, good structures are designed to have what works in your life work or not, right?

I mean, that’s just the idea of having rules.


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