Scam of Being Part of a Group

I’ve discovered one of the biggest scams in life, and in doing so, created enormous increase and abundance in my life. It is not something conceptual or even something that can be taught.

The scam is that you live not as the “I” you know yourself as but as “group.”

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Being part of a group is a scam?

One of the most impactful areas of my life has been the awaking of different levels of who I am as group rather than part of. I live my life as many groups. Some of them are as simple as groups of friends and relationships.

I am group as family, community, organization / work, nation, and world. In a conversation I shared with those closest to me in my organization I began to unveil our level of impact when we act like all we are is part of group. How we blame others for short comings. How we play all games like someone is the winner and someone is the looser. We live life like we all can’t win and even when we step into serve we do it with conditions and dismay. As humans we just don’t like to constitute ourself as group.

The I who we are not see’s ourself as thou we are separate. However, if you look close the “I” that you are not lives like it is separate because it is afraid of what it might discover about itself. Marianne Williamson said it like this, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

How is it a scam?

I have found where we constitute ourself as group is the access to higher levels of power and impact. I have found the majority of humans pretend that every action and reaction we create doesn’t impact the entire universe.

Or maybe a different way to say it is that deep down we know everything we do has impact and that scares the hell out of us. So we go about living life creating the smallest waves possible. It is time to start living a life free! Free of the concerns and considerations we make that keep us playing small. I hope you enjoy.

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