Are You In The Game: Part Four – Rules

Spirituality = Rules?

But there’s this misconception that the people that have the most rules or obey them the most are the most spiritual. And that’s just not true. Because you might have really bad structures, you might have really awful rules that actually don’t work. They don’t attract. And they’re actually limiting beliefs that that push out and keep you from having the things that you want.

So now they’re married, there may be some spiritual benefits to having personal rules. Absolutely. I’ll call them personal structures. However, if it leaves you judging all of those who are not following the same rules where you are in the game, then you’re not in the game. So like, an example, again, how are we doing here?

Setting Up Rules or Structures

Right, we’re getting right there. But if I am, like setting up all these structures for myself, which if you’re a person of power, you’re doing that, like no questions asked, like you’re doing integrity interventions, you’re looking at what doesn’t work, you’re getting the impact, you’re creating new structures, you’re going back out on the court, you’re winning sometimes, and you’re failing sometimes. And when you’re failing, you’re looking at like, how do I change that so I can win next time you’re putting in rules, you’re putting in new structures for yourself, you’re practicing.

Now imagine you did that. And on the side, you judged everyone else who wasn’t there. Isn’t it common that we do that often, that like we try something new on and it works for us. Then we start judging and pushing these ideas, these ideals onto everyone else. And we start doing it in a way and from an energy of like, they’re wrong. It’s not, it’s not wrong, to try to motivate or inspire those around you to be higher.

Positive Impact of Rules

In fact, that has direct positive impact on you. I’m not saying don’t do that. It’s just when you have a judgment, that how they’re doing it’s wrong. You’re attached, rather than committed, you’re attached to an idea that what they’re doing isn’t right.

And so there you are swimming, right, during the stands, gossiping, having conversations with yourself with others, and it’s just you’re just not in the game, or being in the game would be like, actually having a conversation actually trying to get someone’s world actually seeing if it would benefit them or not, right? It’s kind of this outward mindset.

So also contemplating the rules, or speculating what would be or what it would be like to follow or not follow the rules does not have you in the game. So like, again, like wondering, like, Oh, I wonder if I kick I do wonder if I kick the ball different how that would be? Or I do wonder if I follow this rule how that would be. Or I wonder if I didn’t follow this rule how it would be it’s like. Guys, like, that’s, you’re not in the game, you’re not practicing with it. You’re not playing with it, you’re not seeing what the actual results would be.

Do Your Research

And there are lots of ways to be in the game and not have you be the one that has their arm broken. You know, there might be this new soccer kick where you do around house, but you risk breaking your neck, right? Furthermore, you don’t have to go practice that to know if it works or not. You know, maybe there’s this new thing that in soccer or that they’re playing in, like 50% of the people that try it into breaking a bone. Like you don’t need to go try it to know that you have a high risk of breaking a bone. You could being in the game is research.

Also, if you’re doing research, you’re in the game, it’s part of the game. But then you would conclude like I’m just not going to do that. And then you’d get back out on the court and you’d start practicing things that actually work.


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