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Watch the video below to learn more about Matt Poll Utah from California and Why It’s Great. Furthermore, what he thinks makes it stand apart from other states.

Matt Poll Utah Ties

“I’m originally from California. And one of the main reasons that our business is in Utah, and I moved here to start a business in Utah, is because Utah is actually a business friendly state. Meaning that there are less red tapes to go through. Less obstacles that the states put in place. Less taxes that allow a business to operate.”

Matt Poll’s Second Reason Why Utah is Doing Well

Secondly, Utah’s just naturally, and I love the state for this reason, we’re naturally more entrepreneurial. There are more people looking for ways to earn money on their own. There are more people that want to be in charge of their own financial future here. And I’m not saying there aren’t other states like this, but definitely compared to where I was in California. And that’s allowed us to bring on really good talent, really great partners, people that have the same mindset and the same goals as us to grow and to help other people. Where the supply you could say per capita was much more limited in California? And I mean, we could have gone anywhere. We ended up here because Utah’s been for sale for businesses.

We’re not the only ones have noticed that. Multiple tech industries have moved here also. Because taxes and the ease for a business to operate here. Furthermore, there’s probably a lot of other things including like skiing and if you like the outdoors. You know, that’s a plus too. But from a business standpoint, this is just a great state to work in and we plan to keep it that way. I think day trading has grown a lot in Utah, but I wouldn’t want to discredit that. Also it’s probably a national trend.

Matt Poll on Why Utah’s a HotSpot

In conclusion, I think the reason Utah’s a hotspot has more to do with the personality type. Like the kind of the I don’t know what you would call that. We are kind of a bootstrap state. In addition, it’s really personality. Furthermore, it’s like the specific qualities that you would look in certain types of people that would want to trade exist more here than they probably do in other states.

One of the things that allows trading to even exist is you got to have discretionary funds, you have to have discretionary money. Furthermore, to live in a state where your cost of living is through the roof. It’s like what discretionary funds do you have there people that were I used to live that we’re working three jobs to do what someone could do in one job here for the same house, same square footage, food, gas, you know, taxes, etc. Or here, it’s like they get one job, right. And now they’ve got extra time. And they have some extra discretionary funds that they could trade with. So I think states like Utah, allow people to do things like that.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Matt Poll’s Utah Ties!

Matt Poll Utah Ties

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