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In the video below, I discuss how you look at the person showing up in a first impression. This may be a call, however, it can also include face-to-face meetings. How you show up here is vital and not taken seriously by most professionals.

The Make-Up of
First Impressions

First Impressions are 93% how you look and 7% of what you say. When doing a first call we have found that it is about 30% what you say and 70% how you say it. When a good first impression could be the deal breaker in getting a client, making a friend, or finding a romantic relationship we often don’t consider the high level of impact your first impression really plays into all of this.

Now this doesn’t mean that you can not over time change the belief or nature of the impression you first left. However, it is easier to make small corrections in how people see you, rather than major ones that you may not have the time to shift.

This is a training on life. How to win friends. How to Influence people. (Sound Familiar) How to create who you are rather keep dragging the person around that you are not.

This is not a training on manipulation. I am not concerned with short term results. Instead, I’m asking you to look at the areas of your life that you could just be who you really are. Furthermore, I am looking to correct your thoughts and beliefs around what you think actually works vs what does. I would ask that you try some of this on. If you don’t like it no one said you have to keep it. I would be open that you might discover something about yourself. You might find that you have not been showing up as the person you want to be and it has been there all along.

To learn more about the
importance of first impressions,
watch the training above!

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