Have a Plan, Work Your Plan

Having a plan is crucial. In addition, how and if you work it is imperative. A plan by itself does nothing. There are millions of books and videos with plans in them that people never apply or have actual results around. What do we do around the plans we have and how we work them.

How to Plan for Success

I have 40 partners, and constantly see that nothing gets done without a plan. In addition, it’s always necessary to continually refocus efforts toward working what’s already in place. Some are lost in the noise of activity and time-fillers. These distractions can leave us puzzled as to why we’re not getting the results we’re seeking.

There are multiple steps included in this training, including…

#1: Write down everything you need to do in the same place. Great time managers always keep a to do list handy for jotting down action items, work tasks, project activities and other ideas. If you always keep adding to this list, you’ll know what needs are to be prioritized.

#2: Review tasks and prioritize at the same time each day. This is going to require a good calendar. Furthermore, this can be done any time of the day!

#3: Look at your list of appointments for the day and determine which are most important. Plan what you need for the important appointments so that you will have everything ready BEFORE the appointment starts. Be sure to implement step #1 (see above).

#4: Schedule your plan efficiently…..

To learn more about these steps, watch the training above!

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