Are You In The Game: Part Five – Fear

Fear Keeps Us In The Stands?

So what keeps us in the stands, being in your head definitely keeps you in the stands. I mean, like you’re having the conversation up here. Talking about the game keeps you in the stands. What we’re doing now actually can keep you in the stands. It’s so important to like jump into action after these trainings. Anytime you have fear coming Up, fear is an indicator around this guy’s that you are in the stands, living life comfortably with nothing to lose as you in the stands of the game.

So being in the game guys comes with fear because like all games, there are two likely outcomes winning or losing this work, what I did worked, or it didn’t. But you can never start magnifying the attraction thing the manifestation thing unless you know what works and doesn’t. Otherwise you’ll just keep doing what you’re doing. And you’ll never actually get it faster, or have it come to you easier or have more. Because this obsession with not wanting to lose becomes the thing.

Fear of Looking Bad

And so you stay in the stands, because it’s like, if I get out of the game, I might look bad, I might look bad. I may not look good for me. And then for the sake of looking good, I’m gonna stay in the stands. Which really has you look bad, by the way? Because it’s like, who would you rather be? Right? If you like basketball, you love the game? Like who would you rather be the guy out there playing in front of everyone or the guy in the stands, you might actually lose or fall flat on your face when you’re in the game. In fact, if you failed or recently had a crash of some type in an area that we’ve been talking about, it’s more likely that you’ve been in the game than not.

If you’ve crashed, if you hit rock bottom, if you had a fail or setback, it is likely that that’s a great indicator that you were in the game. Now the question is, are you going to stay out of it? Are you gonna stay up in the stands after you fell? Are you going to take some time for recovery? Or are you going to get right back out there and figure out what’s going to work.

Courage Overcomes Fear

So it really guys, it really takes courage. Fear is the the culprit. But it really takes courage to step out of this, it takes real courage to play in the game of life. Those that do it well know that it’s just a game. And it can be played over and over and over again, failure is not real, it means something. Like I say hear the Masters the game, play it as often as they can. And failure means something radically different for those guys, it means and I can only say that because I’ve had it means something else for me in my past, I can tell you that failure can mean different things. And the way that I used to relate to failure, much younger years of my life. It’s like oh my gosh, like that’s such a different way to see it than the way I see failure. Now.

Many look forward to failure. Because to be in the game is more powerful than to be a spectator from the stands. I actually like feeling alive. And like failing. I like how it feels to fail. Because I know I’m in the game. I know I’m playing big. And I know it’s not it doesn’t mean everything. It doesn’t mean the end of my life, it just means that I get to do something different than next time. It’s very simple. And most of us think that there are just insane consequences to failure. They’re insane.

Look At It Like Soccer

And all there are, I will I will end on this note, the only consequence that you ever have is the one that actually happened. Like when you are playing an actual game of soccer, and the score is three, two and your to the actual impact is your two. And there are three that’s it. That’s the only real impact. It doesn’t mean anything about who you are, it doesn’t mean anything about your self worth. It doesn’t mean anything about what you’re capable of in the future.

And when you can get that failure starts to mean something radically different and you start to look forward to it. Because it means that you’re learning it means that you’re in the game It means that that improvement is coming. That your life being easier is coming.


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