Being Powerful vs Forceful

This training discusses the difference between being powerful and being forceful in our everyday lives. in addition, it goes over how to get access to more power.

It can help you identify why you keep settling for force when having more power would result in getting what you truly want.

In the video below, we will look at the payoffs you are settling for when the cost is actually huge.

What is the difference between power and force?

Have you ever taken the time to ponder the difference between power and force?

Many of us just dismiss these thoughts, as the two seem similar in our minds. However, the difference can be massive in certain situations. This training looks specifically at this construct in language, as language is where it all begins.


How do we identify force? Well, is the work or activity being performed draining (not the actual activity but the way you’re going about it)?

Is it not attractive to others, forcing them to push away?

Does it leave you feeling incomplete?

Being Powerful vs Forceful


Force is like power in that it is measurable. Power is a function to attract the things you want. To magnify and attract the very thing you naturally desire free of the restraints that come from force.

Being Powerful vs Forceful

To learn more about this subject, watch the training above!

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