Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

Philanthropy and charitable giving has always been a theme throughout Matt Poll‘s business and investment endeavors. He recognizes the connection between wealth, philanthropy and charity. As a result, he always makes sure they go hand-in-hand when making his business decisions. Above all, helping people and giving to those less fortunate is the foundation of Matt’s beliefs.

Matthew’s businesses have been able to give to multiple charitable organizations. These organizations include, for instance…

Operation Underground Railroad

Matt Poll Philanthropy

Operation Underground Railroad exists to rescue children from sex trafficking.

Founded in December of 2013, it has created a massive network of anti-child trafficking experts from around the world. These experts specialize in extraction operations, intelligence gathering, field operations and many other areas. Furthermore, they consist of former CIA agents, current law enforcement agents and other highly-skilled positions which help coordinate identification and extraction efforts.

Businesses and other organizations created by Matt Poll have been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars to this incredible organization. Furthermore, he plans to give them even more in the near future.

Sub For Santa – United Way

Matt Poll Philanthropy Utah

Sub for Santa is a locally-focused charity that helps provide Christmas gifts for children, elderly and disabled. It has partnered with United Way for over 35 years and has helped more than 5,100 children in 1,400 families in Utah County last year alone!

Each holiday season, Matt Poll’s businesses help in this cause. They do this by giving a portion of all proceeds to help get gifts for those in need. If you would like to help in this cause, visit today.


Matt Poll Philanthropy

GlobalGiving is a worldwide organization which has created a network of nonprofits, donors and businesses to help people around the world who are in need. That is to say this network helps locally-based charities get access to funding, tools, training and support to help them become more effective.

Matt Poll’s businesses and organizations have helped GlobalGiving’s efforts in fighting COVID-19. This pandemic is one of the worst in recent memory. As a result, it requires the best the world has in order to overcome it. Furthermore, it threatens everyone’s normal way of living. In addition, it’s especially hard for the most vulnerable among us. This includes older adults, the homeless, refugees, etc.

To help Matthew in this cause, visit In other words, donate today!

Future Philanthropy

In conclusion, these are just three instances of charitable organizations Matt Poll has worked with. However, he is always working with new nonprofits and charities .

In other words, if you’re involved with a charitable organization and would like Matt Poll to consider donating, contact him today!